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Inside & Out: GLCT Renovations

So, what's going on at GLCT? A lot!


The old garden by the entrance off of Elm St. has been dug up and we are starting fresh with assistance from the Denton County Master Gardener's Association. They are working on a design and will oversee the installation in early April. In the interim, irrigation work will be done, a new brick wall installed and the soil prepped. We are partnering with a teen youth group to apply for a grant from Keep Lewisville Beautiful to help acquire and place the plants. Donations to this beautification project are welcome.

We also have a new paved walkway outside the garden!


  • We have a new sprinkler system, compliments of the City.

  • The Green Room is being cleaned out, and now has a washer and dryer, a new sink and storage cabinets and will soon have a new microwave for our cast to use when rehearsing and during shows.

  • Five 'newish' wide file cabinets have been donated by the Cannons. Two are in the green room so we have storage for shoes, purses and other costume accessories.

  • The overflowing costume room is undergoing a clean-out and organization by Wendy Barrett, just in time to make room for some spectacular costumes donated by Eddie Floresca and Rita Powers.

  • Three more of the donated file cabinets are in the box office side room now and our very large script collection is being rehoused in them. Theater documents and historical files are also getting organized and filed. This will greatly improve the look of and accessibility to the ticketing area for the staff.

  • Really exciting is the work Harry Friedman, Ken Davis and our new grant writer, Cynthia Seitz, are doing to replace outdated technical equipment. Through a very generous grant from GHA Technologies, Inc., new microphones have been ordered and we are working on replacing and adding to our lighting equipment. Cynthia is working hard to find us more grants with a possible new one in the pipeline.

More details to come!

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